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PLANIDATA is a civil association staffed by liberal professionals (accountants, auditors, attorneys, accounting technicians) and has been operating since 1971, the date it was founded in the fiscal/tax field. Set up in our own, fully computerized headquarters, our work is to provide general accounting and business advisory services to small, medium and large companies in a wide variety of industries (manufacturing, trade, services, farming and ranching, and non-profits organizations).

PLANIDATA's in-house team is highly specialized in auditing, consulting, tax planning, corporate law, and labor and tax legislation. Making use of cutting-edge operating systems, we provide our clients with solutions and treatments for all accounting, tax, corporate and management problems in a cost-effective, safe way.

We also offer consulting support and are able to work under the Brazilian public digital record-keeping system (SPED), in both the tax and accounting fields.

Our office is highly experienced in providing third-party accounting, fiscal and tax services, besides performing work to organize, relocate, set up, spin off, consolidate and merge companies. In these 45 plus years we have worked on several acquisition consultancy processes for our clients, and have proven experience in complying with international laws.

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