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Specific Work Programs:

a) General Accounting

General Accounting encompasses the Human Resources, the Fiscal and the Asset Control Departments, and all these services are performed by PLANIDATA’s in-house team. Advantages are immediately obtained after this work program is adopted, as a result of the safety, speed, and management and fiscal savings which are the product of globally outsourcing departments that are not a company’s end-activity.

Safety – as we do our work, PLANIDATA’s in-house team will automatically be carrying out auditing and inspection services, immediately notifying the discrepancies found to those in charge.

Speed – By making use of cutting-edge computers and software, a highly skilled team, and communication media, jobs and taxes and social charges are foreseen and made available with ample time beforehand, keeping the financial department in good standing order.

Savings I – Outsourcing is a catalyst to make structures lean and bring organizations back to their true mission, that is, the economic purpose of their end-activities.

Savings II – Another relevant factor is the results of the Tax Planning developed by experts that take part in our client companies’ daily routines, constantly helping managers in their administrative decisions by searching for tax savings in the legislation.

Besides performing all fiscal obligations (balance sheets, trial balances, journal, ledger, payroll, fiscal books, Rais, DIRF, DCTF, Certificates of Absence of Debt, AIDF, Income Tax Returns, Lalur, DIPI, Unions, ....), PLANIDATA is also responsible for monitoring inspections in all fiscal areas investigated via our experts working along with companies until such procedures are completed.

A company’s performance is reported on a monthly basis to the management in a clear, transparent way by means of Administrative Reports that show the monthly operating results related to the months making up the company’s fiscal year, including the main economic and financial rates, everything sent via email. The respective Report is prepared and developed according to each client’s needs in terms of presentation, rates, currencies and languages, thus becoming a highly useful tool in the administrative decision-making process.

b) Accounting/Fiscal Advisory and Consulting Services

In this field, our services encompass all the problems and matters regarding an organization’s fiscal, accounting and economic-financial management.

More specifically, we provide consulting services in the areas of:
1. Labor law;
2. Tax Law;
3. Accounting Assistance;
4. Income Tax and Corporate Law;
5. Tax Planning;
6. Administrative Assistance.

Tax Planning is essential for companies not to make involuntary mistakes, considering that tax savings depend on prior analysis of administrative decisions.

Once our CLIENTS and PLANIDATA are in synch, our technicians will be able to deeply analyze changes in owners’ equity and their tax effects. That will enable us to diagnose, alert, and indicate the procedures to be adopted in order to decrease your tax load within the precepts of Law.

We work under the Advisory and Consulting system, involving verbal and written answers making use of any type of communication between our CLIENTS and PLANIDATA, such as questions and answers via email, over the telephone, by letter, in person during visits to our offices, or vice versa.

c) Other Services We Specialize in

The other services provided by our in-house team are performed in compliance with universal technical standards, and are all planned and set up beforehand to give our clients a view of their content and scope:
* Accounting/Tax Auditing:
* Drafting agreements to set up, consolidate, and merge companies, writing amendments to articles of incorporation/organization, and/or stockholders’ meeting minutes;
* Appeals and objections to fines and/or tax assessments issued by federal, state and city governments;
* Tax Planning meant to decrease tax loads in compliance with the legislation in force, with advantageous results leading to tax savings.
* Cost Center-Based Asset Control.

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